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What to do with an old mattress

Even the most expensive mattresses’ quality and comfort tend to fade after several years, it’s something that is hard to prevent.  And if buying new mattress wasn’t enough work, you also have to take care of your old mattress, which is kind of confusing. Knowing what to do with your old mattress can save you a lot of time, and that’s why i’m going to write this post – to propose some solutions to your problem. If you did not know, mattresses possess very expensive materials, so just throwing it out will not only be wasting valuable resources, but also silly financial decision.

Long story short, there are three ways you can get rid of your old mattress – Have it collected by government or mattress manufacturers, and give it up to charity or someone you know.

All states and even sometimes cities have different rules regarding the process of giving mattress to government. Sometimes there are few things required from you – certain type of packaging, fees, etc. Check with local town hall website for details about this.

Government usually uses these donated mattresses for recycling, so even though you have to pay a small fee, it is used for good cause.

As mentioned above, you can also give your mattress to manufacturers – which, in return, might give you discount for buying new mattresses from them, or some other kind of benefit.

old mattress on the streetBut i think the best way to solve this problem is by recycling your mattress yourself. Some people do not know this, but mattress exists of complicated and valuable materials, all of which can be recycled with ease. I know there are a lot of non profit organizations here in Portland, which can take your mattress for free to recycle it.

If your old mattress is still decent and comfortable, you should also consider donating it to your church, who might find someone in need of comfortable mattress for bed. Anyway, instead of dumping your old mattress on the street, which is by the way against the law, one should definitely find a little amount of time to donate or recycle their old mattress and help someone by doing so. Mattresses take a lot of space on dumpsters, which can be used more effectively. And all the materials are wasted and being unused.

Now, it’s time to get new mattress. You have probably been using
your old mattress for nearly ten years, so you’re not familiar with newest trends on the market. You might have heard of Memory foam mattresses, which are very popular and widely used, but in my opinion, pocket sprung mattresses are better. Best pocket sprung mattress has much more support and is way more durable than average top rated memory foam mattress. So keep that in mind while choosing new mattress to buy.