Where to buy maternity clothes – Best stores

If you’re already looking for maternity clothes, then you are certainly expecting a baby, so congratulations. But conceiving a child is only a start of very long journey, one that you should take cautiously. You will need so many things – strollers, car seat for baby, jumparoo and many, many other children’s products and toys, but first, you must have good maternity clothes to make yourself and your baby comfortable during 9 month period. And there are many places that offer mothers’ clothes for sale, but only few of them can be trusted. In this post, i’m going to help you find good places to buy maternity clothes from, and tell you some of the experience i had with each one of them.

First off, let’s start with obvious first choice, Amazon. It is the biggest online retailer out there, and has very good metric system in place, which is very helpful for you to find out which products are the best for your budget and whether they fit your requirements or not. It’s customer base is very large, and therefore people leave product reviews on maternity clothes all the time. You can read what advantages and flaws each pregnancy product has, and make your decision based on what you’ve read. Personally, i love Amazon, because of the way it operates. It’s oriented on us – customers, future moms looking for the best clothing on a budget. ¬†They prioritize customer above anything else, which is why i always go to Amazon first when i want to buy some stuff for my baby. Their price is competitive, and they have managed to build very credible brand that i trust.

pregnant mom cute Now, let’s move on to ASOS, H&M and many other clothing stores who also happen to have maternity clothes sections. They usually also have a website in place, but most products can be found if you go to their local store directly. While quality level in these clothing stores is high, their prices seem to be a little off and they are not as good to customers as Amazon is. Still, i often use these stores to buy little things like nursing covers and best maternity leggings, because price difference is only few dollars and even if i end up losing my money on their product, i don’t mind. But for all other serious baby product purchases i want to make, i go straight to Amazon – no questions asked. Diapers.com is also one of my favorite go-to destination when trying to buy maternity products.

And there are the third group – small baby/pregnancy stores that focus on facebook advertising and have no real brand – i tend to avoid them. Advertised baby products might seem lovely, but their quality is usually very bad, and product is not close to what you’d expect.

So that’s it – i think i made my points clear. How i choose to buy pregnancy products is very complicated and would take me whole day to tell you, so let’s leave that for another time.

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