Condenser tumble dryers under £200

You can only learn to appreciate your tumble dryer enough only after it’s broken. The efficiency to dry all your laundry within one hour is very addicting and hard to let go.

Even though two hundred british pounds is not a huge budget for buying a condenser tumble dryer, it’s more than enough to buy affordable, medium sized product that will last several years. Even though it’s true that quality costs money, in this article i’m going to help you choose only the highest quality condenser tumble dryers under £200. At this price point, you can’t really expect a condenser dryer to have advanced functions like reverse action drying, but as long as all products work properly and dry your laundry on time, i think it’s more than enough for the money.

Now, you can find quite a few medium sized condenser dryers for this price range. I have used White Knight’s 5 kg condenser dryer myself, and it works very well. The tutorial i linked above has listed best condenser dryers in the bottom, so check that out, most of them cost around 200 pounds.

One of the few key features that you need to look into is the drum size. And that is,because there is no perfect formula to fit everyone. Your preferred drum size depends on certain circumstances. If you have a big family, and therefore huge piles of laundry, you’ll need a dryer with large capacity of at least 8kg. But in case you don’t have a family and are not planning to get it any time soon, small tumble dryers with half of that capacity are more than enough. Smaller condenser dryers are also cheaper, so if you are in latter situation, you’re in luck – you have wider variety of options to choose condenser tumble dryers that cost less than two hundred pounds. On the other hand, important metric to look out for is energy efficiency. A rated tumble dryers are usually slightly expensive than B and C rated appliances, so even if it is a little more expensive than energetically inefficient dryer, i always recommend going for A rated tumble dryers.

Other key features you need to look out for is heating efficiency and ease of use. By heating efficiency, i mean how fast does condenser dryer finish drying the laundry and how successfully is the task performed. In some cases, tumble dryer might work fine at first, but have such delays in drying later on. To prevent buying such mal-functioning products, it is advisable to read customer reviews on dryer’s official listing before buying it.

Ease of use is quite clear, i think, but i’ll still explain it – condenser dryer must be easy to operate and have safety features for families with children. And i almost forgot – make sure that the condenser dryer you buy is quiet and will stay that way for years to come. I have bought many tumble dryers which do their job – dry laundry perfectly, but are pain in the ass to withstand because of their noise.

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